Who We Are

Infection Control Services of America offers a patented, mobile wet-cleaning facility that utilizes 21st century equipment chemicals and technology to keep healthcare facilities in compliance with federal, state and local healthcare department inspections. We are proactive in using our bacteriostating procedures and methods to reduce the bacterial count by minimum 99.9%. This exclusive process eliminates infectious bacteria and renders them bacteriostatic for 90 days. We issue a certificate for the facilities’ State-mandated Infection Control 3 Ring-binder. In today’s healthcare environment, infectious airborne spores attach to cubicle curtains, walls, ceiling tiles, vents and fixtures, living, breeding, and contaminating, spreading dangerous infections to vulnerable patients, staff, and visitors. 

A clean environment is a healthy environment. With the passage of Healthy People 2020 and The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, it is the responsibility of Healthcare providers to ensure the cleanliness of the cubicle curtains, cart covers, and patient room draperies in hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, endoscopy centers, laser eye centers, dialysis clinics, nursing homes, and long-time rehabilitation centers.Infection Respects No Political or Bureaucratic Barriers. An epidemiologic study performed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicated that HAI’s account for 1.7 million infections annually at an additional cost of $28 to $33 billion dollars per year spent on added medical treatment.