We have four ways to make it easy for you to change your curtains and reduce healthcare associated infections.

A study published in Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology found that a high percentage of hospital and ambulatory center curtains were contaminated with MRSA, VRE and C-Diff. With over 100,000 deaths in the United States alone, it is clear that sanitizing cubicle curtains to reduce the risk of infection is essential.

The Problem: Recontamination 

Hospital infections kill more Americans each year than AIDS, car accidents, and breast cancer combined, according to Dr. Betsy McCaughey, founder of the Committee to Reduce Infectious Deaths.

A study published in Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology found that MRSA, VRE and C-Diff was transferred to the hands of hospital workers. Doctors and nurses may clean hands or wear protective gloves coming into a patient’s room, but they are recontaminated with opening or closing a privacy curtain. Cleaning curtains frequently helps reduce contamination. No one makes it easier to change curtains than ICS.

There is a better way: Changing the curtains between each patient

ICS Cubicle Curtains offers surgical centers four ways to help them keep their cubicle curtains clean. No one makes it easier to change curtains.

BioGuard™ Technology Sanitizes fabrics and reduces bacterial count by 99.9% patient

Our one of a kind approach to sanitizing and cleaning cubicle curtains, cart covers and patient room draperies saves your facility time and money. We provide the healthcare industry with innovative and up to date methodologies and state of the art equipment.  Infection Control Solutions has the prescription. We offer a patented mobile- wet cleaning facility, which sanitizes cubicle curtains, cart covers and patient room draperies utilizing BioGuard™. Our exclusive process eliminates infectious bacteria and microorganisms, thus rendering them self- sanitizing and bacteriostatic for 90 days.

Our patented process brings cubicle curtains, cart covers and patient room draperies back to manufacturer standards. We transform them into sanitized “infection barriers.” This process will aid in the reduction of Healthcare Acquired Infections as the edges of the cubicle curtains have been determined to be a ‘high touch’ area. We offer our services throughout the healthcare industry. We issue a Certificate that can be incorporated in the organizations’ Infection Control Plan.


“Our passion is making healthcare healthier… Literally. Cleanliness of our medical facilities is just as vital to healthcare as any other facet in the industry.”

Knowing the Problem is Half the Battle: Why Curtain Cleaning Causes Hang-Ups

Machine Washing Deficiencies
Regular mop-head machine washing of cubicle curtains (which are made of polyurethane mesh, vinyl, a blend of material textile, and brass grommets) does not live up to the contaminated laundry standard of infection control. Up till now, the technology simply did not exist to maintain cubicle curtains, cart covers and patient room draperies properly.

Cubicle Curtain Contamination
Cubicle curtains, cart covers, and patient room draperies are often contaminated with staph, pneumonia, blood-borne pathogens, infectious bodily fluids, spills, etc., and must be handled with strict guidelines.

Damage While Drying
The damage in a dryer that causes shrinkage, deterioration, melting and distortion made this process impractical causing cubicle curtains to be re-hung or stored wet or damp.

Manpower and Time Limitations

Manpower requirements of taking a paid employee off his regular duty to:

  1. Go to the basement and find a ladder.
  2. Locate a red bag.
  3. Locate a replacement curtain.
  4. Go to the patients’ room.
  5. Take down the contaminated curtain and put it in a red bag

  6.  Hang the replacement curtain.
  7.  Return the ladder.
  8.  Go to the laundry room to drop off the red bagged curtain.
  9.  Place infected curtain in a mop-head washer.
10.  Remove curtain from mop-head washer.
11. Curtain is hung damp, wrinkled, and contaminated.

The total cost of the above labor has been estimated at 3 man-hours lost. Why waste all that time for nothing?

Finally, record keeping of which cubicle curtains, cart covers and patient room draperies have been cleaned and when, is all but impossible. Not only does ICS clean and sanitize your curtains beyond the capabilities of other companies or your own washing system, but we provide a certificate of Sanitized Cubicle Curtains and Cart Covers to be kept in your binder. This certificate is recognized by AAAHC, JCAHO, and State and Local Health Departments.