We Make Your Life Easier….. One Cubicle Curtain at a Time

Infection Control Services of America is a trusted and specialized sanitizing company committed to providing quick and effective services. Our patented wet-cleaning and bacteriostatic solutions have kept surgical center environments safe and hygienic. Read on to learn more about our patented cleaning processes.

Our one-of-a-kind approach to sanitizing and bacteriostating helps facilities save time and money.

Our Patented Process

Our mobile wet-cleaning facility parks right outside of your facility. All of our employees are immunized and HIPPA trained. They have completed rigorous testing and have successfully passed our training programs.

A Systematic Method

Our uniformed employees set up the mobile facility and begin to systematically take down cubicle curtains according to CDC standards. Within hours, bacteriostatic, cleaned and pressed cubicle curtains are being re-hung. Patients are never without a cubicle curtain. We make this as convenient as possible. 

Features and Techniques
  • Mobile – We bring the cleaning and sanitizing facility to you.
  • Wet-cleaning – We offer the most advanced technology available to properly clean cubicle curtains, cart covers, and other facility furniture.
  • Sanitizing – We use cutting-edge technology that enables us to kill the bacteria that comes into contact with all of these fixtures. Our technology renders them bacteriostatic for 90 days.
  • Reclaiming – We remove humidity without heat, eliminating shrinkage and distortion while avoiding the damage a dryer can do.
  • Pressing – We do this to provide a fresh, crisp, wrinkle-free, and sterilized cubicle curtain.
  • Certified – We provide a certificate of sanitized cubicle curtains or any other service used. 

The end result is a cubicle curtain that is brought back to manufacturers’ standards, that is 99.9% bacteria free, looks new, feels new, and acts as a deterrent for infection control, helping to keep healthcare personnel, patients and visitors safe from infection. In addition to acting as a visible barrier, sanitized cubicle curtains also act as a filtration system against airborne bacteria and cross contamination. This is why cubicle curtains exist and why they have inherent ionic properties.